Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Getting ready for lift off!

Belle and Daddio have been working through a unit on flight and decided to put all of their studies into practice by building an airplane.  After securing the supplies, they set to work in the garage.  There were a few mishaps and it turned into a learning experience for everyone. Coming soon: photos of their first flight!

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Farmstead

There is a local farmstead in a neighboring city that has been preserved for tours and school groups.  On select Fridays, they host a preschool storytime and activity.  We have been to a few and always have a great time.  Last fall, Daddio and I took Punky to the Charlotte's Web themed activity.  We listened to the story of Charlotte's web, then had the chance to meet some farm animals like Wilbur the pig!  We also learned about farming "back then" and planted a few seeds.  The kids had a chance to grind corn into chicken feed and even went on a wagon ride behind the tractor.

At the ranch...the wildlife ranch!

Since we moved to this area, I have been wanting to visit this exotic wildlife ranch. They host a homeschool day each year, but it's never worked out for us to attend, until this year.  It was a gorgeous day.  We enjoyed visiting the animals, listening to the animal talks, the petting zoo, learning about their bears, Punky's first horse ride, and the big girls took a class about animal conservation.  We will definitely be back, as this is one of those places that we can learn something new on each visit.  Enjoy the pictures...this is just a fraction of what we took that day! :)