Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bucket List Item: Food Truck-palooza (check)

At the beginning of each summer, our family makes a bucket list of fun activities that pique our interest.  We enjoyed eating from the food trucks at the Texas Veggie Fair last year, and I figured we should take the opportunity to broaden our food truck experiences (before the trend fades...although it's still pretty strong). Of course, my idea was that we'd go down to the newest urban park, visit the trucks in their natural habitat, and enjoy all the city has to offer.  Who wants to be in an almost shadeless park (baby trees) in the middle of summer?

When I was in Waco with Belle at camp, I had the opportunity to eat at a food truck—alone.  That doesn't count for the bucket list. :) So here we found ourselves mid-September and still no food truck food had been consumed.

Well, never fear, because north Texas answered our request with a Food Truck-palooza!  In addition to food trucks, they had a craft fair, face painting, balloon animals, bouncy houses, etc.  It was a load of fun for all.

Not pictured: the street tacos.  They were consumed almost immediately.  We also had some sliders that didn't last long, and then I remembered to start snapping pics.

We had a great time and I know we're all looking forward to another food truck adventure soon!

From the Russian food truck

From the Greek food truck


A Dora tattoo

Belle with her seahorse tattoo

Balloon animals

Dessert time!  Cupcakes and...

Ice cream!

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