Monday, July 25, 2005

A Day Full of Howling

It is naptime at our zoo, my favorite time of the day. My favorite time of the night happens to be bedtime...coincidence? I am really enjoying naptime today. Last night we were up late, and everyone has been a little out of sorts this morning. We even had strawberry empanadas (from the bakery, of course) for breakfast. I thought those would certainly perk everyone up.


I'm now adding to this post since the entire day has now gone by and I actually have something to write about:

DH is working the day shift this week. Today is the fourth of a seven day stretch. I think the animals are missing their master. Tomorrow Thing1 has horse camp. She is very excited. We went to Wal-Mart for new kicks. She found some snazzy red cowgirl boots, which she proudly wore out of the store. I had a difficult time explaining to her why I would call her a cowgirl when she only rides horses. The idea that the beef on the table comes from a cow is lost on my five year old. In fact, just last week she said, "Isn't it funny, Moma, that chicken that we eat and chicken the animal is the same word?" Completely innocent. (side note: God, I love that! Please don't let that change as she grows. Pretty please with sugar on top!)

Can anybody please tell me what it is about Wal-Mart that makes my kids go crazy? Thing2 was kicking me in the stomach the entire trip (she was sitting in the cart). I kept telling her no, and she would just grin. She even kicked Thing1 about 4 times, and that was not a pretty situation. After the chaos of our shopping adventure, we decided to visit DH at work. Thing2 was crying the entire way because the french fries (or free fry as she calls them) were too hot to eat right away. Darn that Wendy's for actually giving us fresh food! When we pulled up and Daddy let us in the gate, she just started laughing like a goon. At least she stopped crying, finally, for the first time since she got up from her nap. Bliss!

Oh, and by the way, now the kids are in bed. My favorite time of the night...

**Disclaimer: Animals were sleeping during the production of this entry.

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