Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's a jolly Brownie Christmas!

I am one of Belle's Brownie leaders.  We have seven, sweet homeschoolers in our troop.  I have really enjoyed getting to know them and working with them.  We wanted to celebrate this festive season with a fun party.  We had lots of snacks, made a bag full of ornaments, and sang some Christmas carols while giggling and telling stories.  It was a fun afternoon!  Sunshine and another Cadette help us at our meetings, so they joined in the festivities, too!

Plenty of yummy food!

 Punky, a future Girl Scout, enjoying some treats, too!

Belle telling her friend an exciting story!

Sunshine talking to her friend about something funny or shocking...not sure which!

 Our wreath garland!  

These wreaths were painstakingly tedious, but so cute in the end!

Each Girl Scout chose a color of glitter, and then poured just a smidge into 9 clear, plastic ball ornaments.  Then, we slid a picture of one of the girls (printed on vellum) into each ball.  It was closed and then we attached this note:  "Each one of us is different, as you can see.  But each of my scouting friends is special to me!"

More ornaments...we decorated gingerbread men with glitter-glue, and also made icicles out of chenille stems.

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