Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Brazos Day!

This morning, while getting ready for church, I sent a quick text to my hubby.  He was getting ready to fly to the Dominican Republic and I hoped to catch him before he left:

"Happy 15 years.  Thanks for being my everything.  That's a lot of pressure! ;) ILY!"

He was able to reply before he had to sign off to work:

"Happy Brazos Day! (I named it that.)"

It doesn't take much for him to get me, even after 15 years, right in the stomach.  His text hit me, right there, that feeling only he can give me.   You know what I'm talking about, right?  It's that feeling you get when you know it can't get much better than this.  The only thing that could've made today any sweeter would be him at home with us.

I posted a slew of photos on my Facebook page of us in our dating years, before marriage & kids, when it was the two of us.  It's hard to think back that far sometimes.  

Our usual date spot at Lake Waco...
he would fish and I would read.
It was just about being together.  It still is.  
Back when we didn't think about marriage and kids—
          when we were just starting out after graduating from college,
          when we were learning everything we possibly could about each other,
          when we would stay up late at night talking on the phone for hours at a time.

The girls and I had a busy day full of church, Memorial Day activities, and a couple of errands.  Every time we got in the car I would say, "In honor of the 15th anniversary of my first date with Daddy, we're going to listen to a love song."  Sunshine would sigh (I think that's a teenager thing), Belle would groan (hehe), and Punky would ask to listen to Let it Go (and I would groan...ha!).  They are familiar with all of the songs we listened to, all of the songs I listen to when I'm missing my favorite person:
          John Legend's All of Me
          The Band Perry's All Your Life
          Pat Green's Three Days & If I Had a Million
          Christina Perri's Arms
It's hard to believe fifteen years have passed.  Fifteen years since I met up with my friend in the parking lot of the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco so we could walk along the banks of the Brazos River.  Fifteen years since he paid for my grilled chicken sandwich and Sprite at Wendy's on 5th Street.  Fifteen years since we sat and talked for hours about nothing and everything.  

I took the girls to our local Wendy's for a treat
to honor our first date meal.  :)
I have told many people that on that night I knew I wanted to spend my life with this amazing man.  I was captivated...his gentle nature, his calm demeanor, his quick wit, his easy smile, his sensitivity.  

To my favorite...always. xoxo.