Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You need to shave!

Daddio's been home for over a week.  We definitely are not complaining!  He's still getting back into the swing of things and just completed his training in a new airplane last week (Monday).  He worked hard and studied hard through training, so I'm glad that we al have some downtime together, especially since we're on summer break.

The best way to determine how long Daddio has been home is to look at his facial hair growth.  Punky was checking it out today and letting him know exactly how she felt about it.  She was rubbing his prickly face and kept saying, over and over, "You need to shave.  Shave, Daddy!"

I thought I'd help him out a little by sharing some of the *Munchstache* cookies I made for the teen helpers at Girl Scout camp.  Belle and Punky needed a 'stache, too!  (Sunshine didn't get her pic taken because she was already at camp, eating piles of cookies.)


Last week, we were notified that Sunshine was on the belt test list at martial arts.  The school she attends is a mixed martial arts academy (focusing on Brazilian Jiujitsu).  She has been in the program for 20 months and is progressing well.  She is a very serious student, and is really figuring out how to use her long limbs for leverage when grappling.  I never thought my passive, gentle Sunshine would love grappling.  There's one thing I know for sure: I don't want to make her mad!  
After a difficult belt test and submission grappling with her instructor (a black belt), she was promoted to advanced purple belt.  We are incredibly proud of our evolving ninja!  

I love the looks on the faces of the kiddos watching (in the mirror).

Bowing after her promotion.

Our advanced purple belt!

Daddio's 'Stache Bash!

Right after Punky & Belle celebrated 1/2 birthdays, it was time to throw a big bash for Daddio's WHOLE birthday!  We decided to use our Kids Bowl Free coupons and hit the bowling alley.  The girls had fun beating Daddio...maybe next time he should ask for bumpers!

Back at home, the girls and I made a cute pennant banner out of scrapbooking paper/tools.  Sunshine and I did some shopping at World Market and found great 'stache party goods.  Then, Daddio and I left the house for some groceries and came home to this fantastic party.  I made D's requested dinner (shrimp pasta, bruschetta, salad) and followed it with a carrot cake (store bought this time).  We had a fun night and the mustaches provided lots of laughs!

The girls did a great job, and I love that we do it up big for D's birthday.  He deserves a big celebration!  Prepare for picture overload! 

On the downhill slide... double digits!

Belle turned 9 AND a half last week, just a few days after Punky's 1/2 birthday.  I love half birthdays because they're definitely not as chaotic!

Her half birthday was a gym day, and Belle was thrilled to spend part of her day flipping at flying.  At pick up time Daddio treated her to a snow cone.  Then we decided to celebrate with dinner at Chili's, and we topped that off with a molten chocolate cake and ice cream.  My 9 and 1/2 year old knows how to pick a yummy dessert!

Because we know she loves to shop, we decided to let her choose her special gift.  She ended up with a couple Lego Friends sets.  I love that Legos inspire creativity & problem solving. She loves that they're fun.  We all win!

I can't believe my precious Belle is almost 10!  Bittersweet!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

...and a half!

Punky turned 3 AND A HALF!  Those half birthdays are really important when you're young.  :)

Our family celebrates half birthdays with a meal of your choice, one gift from Moma & Daddio, plus half of a dessert treat.  Punky asked to eat at Rosa's after church today, then received her toys for the light box, plus half of a bundt cake.  She had a fantastic day and walked around announcing her new status at every possible moment.

PS...Even 3 and a half year olds like to cuddle with Moma as they're falling asleep at night.  Whew!  

Hugging her new toy  :)

Can't get enough of this precious girl!