Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You need to shave!

Daddio's been home for over a week.  We definitely are not complaining!  He's still getting back into the swing of things and just completed his training in a new airplane last week (Monday).  He worked hard and studied hard through training, so I'm glad that we al have some downtime together, especially since we're on summer break.

The best way to determine how long Daddio has been home is to look at his facial hair growth.  Punky was checking it out today and letting him know exactly how she felt about it.  She was rubbing his prickly face and kept saying, over and over, "You need to shave.  Shave, Daddy!"

I thought I'd help him out a little by sharing some of the *Munchstache* cookies I made for the teen helpers at Girl Scout camp.  Belle and Punky needed a 'stache, too!  (Sunshine didn't get her pic taken because she was already at camp, eating piles of cookies.)


Suzan said...

My birthday is this week, can you come give me a birthday party? You really know how to do it right. :)

Dylan said...

I look pretty good with that handlebar stache if I do say so myself.