Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Zoo for sale! (minus the animals)

Greetings from my neck of the desert...but not for long! Today we listed our house. It was not an easy thing for me to do. I put it off as long as I could. I know its going to be a good thing. I just have to keep telling myself that. A good thing...good things will happen...great job for DH...Things 1&2 will have great opportunities...good thing...good thing... See, I can do it!

It was a long process. We cleaned the house for what seemed like ages. I have determined a few things...#1: we have a TON of junk! #2: it is impossible to keep a house tidy with kids around and #3: you can't hide your junk in the closet when you're trying to sell a house

We have been preparing our human animals for a couple of months. Some would say we started too soon, but they are too smart for us to hide anything. In the past week or so we've been practicing how we have to keep the house for showing. Each evening after tidying the bedrooms and playroom we play a game. "Clean Machine" is a human train that goes from room to room and inspects for cleanliness. Who would have thought that something so simple would get the job done! If I'd known this 5 years ago my life would be without so much stress! WARNING: If you are a visitor at our house you are not exempt from participation in this new nightly ritual!

Another stress in my life is the cat. Yeah, you read it, cat. I have not put an exclamation point behind that word for a reason. She is driving me NUTS! A little background: The cat is 12 years old, and did a stint at my mom's house during my allergy free hiatus from cat ownership. Well, my niece (I love you, little goober!) is also allergic to cats. What I learned on allergy testing day: granddaughter trumps daughter. Its okay, I totally understand and agree. Here I come to save the day! Sure, we'll bring Scotchie (as in butter) to the zoo with the rest of the creatures. Its not like we aren't always at the pet store buying food anyway. Three trips to the vet and $____ later, we're treating her for arthritis and feeding her high dollar food. Yippee. Fast forward...this cat is ROTTEN! She doesn't drink out of a bowl. She prefers tap water drizzling from the faucet. Every time I refill her bowl with fresh water I can actually see her sniff, then turn her nose up at my feeble attempt to quench her thirst. This is her only true snobby cat trait. She is actually pretty scrappy, I think she was raised by wolves (on the streets of Wac0). So, back to subject, she is obsessed with the bathroom sink. She walks around the house like she's on a Biblical odyssey wandering the desert. When anybody makes a move toward the hallway she runs maniacally to the bathroom and makes her barky meow noises. But it gets so much better...She won't drink warm water. She won't drink if the water is coming out in a stream. She won't drink if the light is off. And, best yet, she won't drink alone! Someone must stand in the bathroom and talk to her while she's re-hydrating. Does this sounds serious to you?

Disclaimer: All animals, human and otherwise, were sawing logs during the making of this entry.