Sunday, May 26, 2013

At the hop!

Last week, we attended an area wide Girl Scout Sock Hop.  It was a mother-daughter event, and we had a great time!

Nature walk...through the nursery?

On Friday afternoon, Punky & I met some friends at a frozen yogurt bar.  (First of all, not that I'm complaining, but what's up with all of the froyo bars all of a sudden?!)  After our treats we made a spur of the moment decision to head next door to the local nursery.  I know...a wild Friday afternoon!

The plan was to stroll through looking at the flowers, enjoying a cloud-cooled Texas afternoon.  About 30 seconds into our trip the two little girls began collecting treasures.  They were picking up petals, buds and leaves that had fallen to the ground.

Just ten minutes later my hands were full of treasures!  Punky was so excited to go home and show Daddio her loot.  It was like Halloween...with a nature twist!

Daddio checks out Punky's new stash of treasures!

Sorting in an egg crate.

Plucking dry berries from a stem.

Feeling the texture of the leaf (this one was green & velvety on one side, and slick & purple on the other)

Sorting in progress!  We may need more egg crates!

Coming soon: nature fun with the light box!

Monday, May 06, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week?! What's that?

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week for many schools/districts across the country.  When Sunshine was in public school in Midland, I was in charge of organizing special activities in her school for teacher appreciation.  I worked my tail off to make sure those teachers knew how much they were (and are) appreciated.  It was my honor to do so.

Just a few minutes ago I read some horrible things posted by public school teachers, suggesting that home school teachers don't deserve the same teacher appreciation "perks" they receive.  I'm disgusted by what I read.

Yeah, I *only* have two students.  And each of them have at least six subjects per day on their calendar.  And they're in different grade levels.  And I have a preschooler who is home 3 school days a week.  Plus, I organize their daily schedules (and you know how busy we are), keep a house running with a traveling husband, volunteer in the community, and very rarely say no to someone asking for help.

I'm not asking for kudos or accolades from my Facebook friends.  I just want to share a little piece of my mind so if you ever wondered if my job was easier than when I taught public school, I can tell you no.  And, I'll revisit this old blog post with you just to reinforce my point.

If you know a home schooler, please don't just say things like, "Oh, I could never do that.  My kids would drive me crazy."  Maybe mine do.  Okay, they do.  But I really try not to focus on the negatives in our lives.  There's enough negativity in this world without me adding more.  If you meet a home schooler this week, say the same thing you would say to a public school teacher, a private school teacher, a preschool teacher, a Sunday school teacher.  Say, "Thank you for making a difference in our community."

Bottom line: That's my goal, too.

My class in our kitchen/classroom/library.