Thursday, December 27, 2007


Okay, so today for lunch Thing2 insisted on eating pizza, which was fine. She even likes it cold, does it get any easier? So after she ate a piece of pizza with 3 pepperonis on it, I asked her to eat a slice of turkey for extra protein. She said, "WHAT??? PROTEIN? I don't like protein! What does that even mean?" So I explained that meat is made of proteins that help give our body energy to play and grow big muscles and bones. After that brief discussion, she agreed that she needs LOTS of protein to play gymnastics and with all of her new toys.

So, its snack time, and she's trying to convince me to let her have water and carrots. Gee, what a debate we're going to have. So she says, "If I have carrots and water together, it will be full of healthy protein!" So I told her that carrots are very good for us, and they have lots of vitamins that are especially good for our eyes. She looked at me, totally serious, and said, "Mommy, I think YOU should eat more carrots, too! When you go to your doctor you can tell him that you eat carrots to make your eyes better."

Oh, and then she came back and asked for crispy bites (granola bites) to go with her carrots and water. Then I had to explain that it was a good choice because it has lots of fiber. She was totally into that, too!

Disclaimer: Animals were munching rabbit food during the making of this post!