Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's go fly a kite!

...and send it sailing...

It's Spring Break at our house.  Sunshine is on a mission trip (she gets home today!!!), Belle was hanging out with a friend (movies, swimming, pizza buffet...oh my!!!), and we had a day to spend with our Punky.  After lunch at a hibachi grill (her first, memorable experience) we stopped at Walmart to get some new outside toys and a kite!

There is a great park not far from our house, so we headed that way to soak up the sun.  It was a gorgeous day and Punky was really enjoying all of the attention.  First, Daddio helped her put the kite together and we took advantage of the slight breeze and sent our princess kite high into the sky.  Punky loved it, had a huge grin on her face while running around the empty field.

Then, we play with some other outdoor toys and made a new friend on the playground.  Punky loves to make new friends, and she never shies away from other kids.  She actually plopped herself in the middle of a group of boys yesterday, about 8-9 years old, and they looked completely dumbfounded.  It was hilarious!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Sunshine, making someone's day brighter!

When I asked Sunshine to write about her experience this week, I didn't tell her my idea that it would soon become part of our blog.  At the end of the week I asked if she would like to share it publicly.  She replied, "I think it will encourage more people to, yes!"  I love her heart.  

...from the pages of her journal:


On March 6th, I am going to have my hair cut for Pantene Beautiful Lengths, an organization that uses hair to create wigs for women who are going through hair loss.  I am donating my hair because I feel that it is important for people to be sure about themselves. Some women may be embarrassed or uncomfortable without their hair.  Wearing a wig will help them feel confident in the way they look.

Going through hair loss is very difficult, and usually comes during a traumatic time.  Your hair is part of your identity and losing it is like losing a part of yourself.  Receiving a wig may bring peace to someone during trying times.  It's a great gift, and donating hair is just one step closer to making another wig.

I also think this process will help me be more sure of myself.  Cutting my hair will be a dramatic change in my appearance.  I wouldn't want to go and do something that I would later regret.  I need to be sure that I really want to do this before it happens.  I do want to donate my hair because I have faith that it is the right thing to do.  It will change the mood of someone who may feel discouraged.

I'm thrilled that my hair is going to make someone else feel excited.  It seems like a great thing to do.  It does make me nervous, however, that my hair will be unhealthy and won't be made a wig.  Some of the steps I have taken to prevent this from happening are using a shower comb to detangle my hair when it's wet and not using heat appliances as often as I could.  I hope that my efforts are enough.

I hope that my hair will make a woman's day brighter.  I also hope that the outcome of my experience will encourage others to donate their hair, too.



I feel amazing that I've done this and can't wait to do it again!

As the scissors were cutting I felt little tings of regret—I loved my long hair!  Once it was finished I loved my new style just as much.  I hope that a woman can use my gift as a wig and that my experience has inspired someone else to donate their hair.

I've enjoyed my experience because now someone else gets to share my gift of hair and use it to feel more confident.  I hope that it makes a woman out there feel loved, even by someone she doesn't know.  I would be grateful if I was going through hair loss and received a wig from a person who doesn't even know me!

I can't wait to grow out my hair to donate again...and again and again!

A note from the parents before the big reveal (you're almost there!)...  We are so incredibly proud of our sweet Sunshine.  We know many people of all ages make hair donations every day, and each donation is truly a gift.  We feel by doing this in the height of adolescence, Sunshine has demonstrated what a selfless young lady she is.  We are so immensely blessed to be her parents.  

Our Sunshine, truly beautiful from the inside out!