Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reptile Pets!

Well, its been a while since I blogged. Hmmm...considering how sporadic my writing is, am I considered a true blogger? Doubtful, but I do have some "experts" I can refer this question to. You know who you are!!!

Thing 1 is growing so fast, and I'm not sure how I feel about this most recent stage of life. She is modest in the morning and turns back into Thing1 when the sun goes down. Hmmm...maybe I have a nocturnal creature on my hands! She was, for some time, really interested in bats. She even dressed as a bat last year on Halloween. Bats are common in our area. Definitely food for thought...

Thing2 is also growing fast, but she's skipping the phases of her life that I would expect at this point. She is already a "tween" (to steal this newly coined term), or at least thinks she is. Last night she was showing off her ability to say, "DUH! I already knew that!" To which her the master of all animals quickly replied, "You are not to sass like that."...and then he turned his head and stifled a laugh. Maybe that is part of our problem. We just have funny creatures living in our house.

So check it out: We added to the zoo! Last year about this time we got a horse. Yep, you guessed it, Thing1 is still into horses. In fact, I think she would rather live in the stall than in her bedroom. I know this could be a passing phase, but Papaw believes it will stick. We also have "reptile pets"...finally! Thing1 asked for about a year when she could get her own reptile pet, and we gave in...finally. Thanks to Papaw, who found 3 anoles for us to bring home last spring. One of them tuckered out at the beginning of the summer, so now we have two...Igwawa and Tim (as in Tiny). The names mean something to Thing1, but I don't get it. The most exciting thing about reptile pets is that we get to buy crickets for them.

I never knew that you can buy "crickets to go" at the pet store? "Take out" for your reptile pet! We used to buy bulk crickets, but it always felt strange carrying a bag full of air and frantically jumping reptile snacks. Now we grab the little take out container and bring it home to the reptile pets. The animal master will actually pick the crickets up by hand (something I used to be able to do as a child) and plop them in the habitat. I just open the lid, dump the crickets, and slam the lid down. Well, actually I make it rain so the creatures will climb down from their plants onto the base of the habitat (less chance of escape). It is an exciting time of day at our house. The Things just stand there and count who gets to eat what, squealing and giggling all the while. Igwawa (a.k.a. Big Guy) gets most of the crickets, while Tim waits his turn patiently in the corner. These anoles (about three inches in length) swallow the entire cricket whole...legs, antennae and all. EWWW! Its especially gross toward the end of feeding when they're taking a while to get the insect down, and the leg or antenna is dangling out of their mouth. GAG!

{{Side note: I should say that the animal master used to work at said pet store (different city) back in the day. Well, so did I, but part of his job was corralling cricket meals.}}

I've been told by the animal expert residing in our house that these reptile pets are male. However, I have not confirmed (nor do I choose to) this information. As long as no baby reptile pets come to visit (or stay) we'll be fine! The two we have get along beautifully, which actually leads me to believe they are both female. I mean, don't females usually get along beautifully????