Sunday, June 02, 2013

...and a half!

Punky turned 3 AND A HALF!  Those half birthdays are really important when you're young.  :)

Our family celebrates half birthdays with a meal of your choice, one gift from Moma & Daddio, plus half of a dessert treat.  Punky asked to eat at Rosa's after church today, then received her toys for the light box, plus half of a bundt cake.  She had a fantastic day and walked around announcing her new status at every possible moment.

PS...Even 3 and a half year olds like to cuddle with Moma as they're falling asleep at night.  Whew!  

Hugging her new toy  :)

Can't get enough of this precious girl!


Suzan said...

Awe, we never celebrated half birthdays! I wish we had now. What a sweet tradition. :)

Moma said...

I started this a couple years ago because of the two youngest and their December birthdays. I always felt like they kind of got lost in the shuffle, everything was rushed, etc. Plus, it is so exciting to say you're ___ and a half (at least when you're young...not so much now!). The most delicious reason to celebrate...half of a cake! :)