Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Last week, we were notified that Sunshine was on the belt test list at martial arts.  The school she attends is a mixed martial arts academy (focusing on Brazilian Jiujitsu).  She has been in the program for 20 months and is progressing well.  She is a very serious student, and is really figuring out how to use her long limbs for leverage when grappling.  I never thought my passive, gentle Sunshine would love grappling.  There's one thing I know for sure: I don't want to make her mad!  
After a difficult belt test and submission grappling with her instructor (a black belt), she was promoted to advanced purple belt.  We are incredibly proud of our evolving ninja!  

I love the looks on the faces of the kiddos watching (in the mirror).

Bowing after her promotion.

Our advanced purple belt!

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