Sunday, April 26, 2015

A house full of puppies!

Another highlight of our fall was a weekend with Papaw's puppies, Whistle and Dixie.  The girls had so much fun hanging out with these sweet pups.  Our Baylor-pup got to work on her herding skills, she would rarely let them off of our back deck unless we distracted her long enough to let them escape.  They all played so hard together, and I'm not sure who was more disappointed when they had to leave: the kids or our dogs.

They have changed a bunch but we love looking back at these pics of their puppy faces.
Wondering why they're in a crate, transport time!

Meeting Baylor. :) 

They LOVE the water!

Our herder. Hehe!

Punky couldn't get enough puppy loving!

Baylor had to make sure they were behaving appropriately at ALL times. 

Each night we had to put Baylor inside and let them relax on the deck without her constant supervision.  She wore them OUT!

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