Monday, April 27, 2015

My kind of field trip!

One of the benefits of being part of a large homeschool group is the great calendar of activities.  When joining, each family is encouraged to do their part to contribute to the list of field trips, clubs, park days, book clubs, etc.  We were excited that one of our families decided to plan a field trip to In-N-Out Burgers.  We have been on many "behind the scenes" tours of local restaurants.  They are all very interesting to the entire family.  Sunshine was slightly disappointed to miss this one, but she was in class that day.  Punky was too young to be allowed in the kitchen, but she enjoyed the perks of being a tagalong (coloring book, cook's hat, and a yummy lunch)!

We learned that the produce and meat that is used in this restaurant is locally sourced and never frozen.  Awesome!  That makes it taste even better!  The kids had a chance to watch how the food is prepped and even got to make some fries.  I think the highlight was the burger and shake at then end, though!

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