Saturday, September 06, 2014

Class trip to DC! (Day 5)

Day five!  This morning after breakfast, Daddio made his way to the rental car company to pick up our reserved vehicle.  We wanted to take a side trip to visit Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, just over 2 hours outside of the city.  Daddio had his first experience driving in the DC area, while I read the paper (aloud) so we could discuss current events.  Sunshine was…thrilled.  Ha!  She did have some time to read a book about child survivors of the Holocaust, so we weren’t boring her too much. 

We arrived at Monticello just after noon.  The drive was nice and the views were beautiful, but we hadn’t seen anything yet.  As soon as we stepped off the tour bus that drove us from the visitor’s center to the top of the mountain, I begain snapping photos.  The scenery was magnificent.  It was nice to take a deep breath of fresh air.  We started our time on the little mountain doing the self guided tours, and then participated in a walking tour about slave life at Monticello.  The information was very interesting, I think we all learned a lot from our tour guide. 

As a splurge (and because I love the “behind the scenes” portion of tours), we decided to pay for the extended tour of the house.  We were able to see rooms on all 4 levels of the home.  Our tour guide was amazing.  She rattled off information and recited quotes by Jefferson with such ease.  My perception about Jefferson’s daily life and lifestyle changed many times during the course of our tour day.  It definitely left me thinking.

After the tour, we decided to head into Charlottesville.  A friend of mine moved out that way a few years ago, and I was reall looking forward to seeing her.  We were able to visit their fmily for a few hours before heading back into DC. 

Tomorrow is the last full day of our trip.  It has passed so quickly.  I am looking forward to seeing how much we can pack into a day!

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