Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting Day!

Note: I've said it millions of times, I'll be better about updating.  Let's face it: I'm crazy busy.  Instead of saying I'll be better, I'm going to say, "I'll do the best I can."  :)

Punky started back to school a few weeks ago.  This year her teachers are still focusing on play-based learning (swoon!) but also trying to facilitate some interest in letters, numbers, etc.  We're okay with that because we can see that our sweetie is ready.  She's been writing letters, her name, and "reading" letters for a while now.  She's ready to start making some connections!

Yesterday, while wasting time on Facebook (sigh), I stumbled across Easy Peasy Curriculum.  This is supposed to be free, inclusive, all online curriculum starting in preschool and working up.  I started poking around and realized that this could be a great resource for our little one.

Punky LOVES to play with her sisters, and when they have to do school work she is very upset.  Even the offer of Daddio playing Candyland with her wasn't interesting.  She was m-a-d that Sunshine had more tasks on her daily list and couldn't play babies yet.  Mom to the rescue!  Punky loves to do school work.  It was time for Easy Peasy Getting Ready 1: Day 1!

We worked through a few activities, then printed a letter A with dots that she could use for dot art.  Then, we busted out the watercolors so she could paint (because, hey, she was already wearing the smock).  If you're going to do dot art and watercolor, you might as well fingerpaint, too!  What a fun morning!

My goal in introducing these letters at this age is not mastery.  Not at all.  My goal is to make her aware, to possibly help her learn the names of some letters, maybe even be able to recognize a letter or two (eventually), and to recognize her desire to learn and run with it from an early age.

Our "lesson" lasted much less than an hour, and we did 3 activities on the computer, dot art, watercolor, and fingerpaint.  We had to keep things moving like any preschooler would.  We had lots of fun, though!

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