Saturday, October 20, 2012

The World is a Rainbow

When I taught pre-k, I had a cassette with children's music entitled The World is a Rainbow.  A couple months ago I was looking through the library's schedule of events for fall, and came across a program with the same title.  This program was a storyteller who used instruments from all over the world to bring her stories to life.  The program was this afternoon, so we had a very busy day.  We left the archaeology fair with just enough time to drive to the library.

Our kids love to make up and write their own stories, so I knew even Sunshine would enjoy the storyteller.  The instruments were interesting, too!  An African drum, a didgeridoo from Australia, and a Native American flute.

After the storyteller had her turn playing instruments and sharing her imagination with us, the kids had a chance to play instruments with her.  It was a great opportunity for the kids to not only play instruments we don't have at home, but take turns & share with the other kids.

What a great day!

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