Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's the Great Pumpkin...Round One!

On Friday, we spent the afternoon at the pumpkin patch with some of our homeschooling friends.  We have been to this patch several times, and we always enjoy the fall fun and fresh air.  This year, we'll make 2 trips to 2 different patches.  We don't want Daddio to miss the fun, so we'll go again when he's able to attend with us...but next time we'll explore a newer patch on the other side of town.

Punky LOVED feeding the goats, and also enjoyed petting them.  She thought the hay maze was hilarious, but it made me a bit nervous because she wanted to run ahead.  I think Sunshine & Belle each made at least 2 trips on the hayride, and spent quite a while playing hide & seek in the hay maze.  The weather was amazing, I feel that Texans earn this beautiful fall weather after we put up with summer heat!

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