Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making more...

...and I'm not talking bab(-y)+ies!  hehe!

Language arts.  Nouns.  Making more of something.  Plurals.  That's what I'm talking about!

Belle and I spent some time working with those tricky nouns.  You know, the ones that require more than just adding an s on the end.  We had a fun, multi-step lesson.  I wanted her to create a chart that she could use as a reference.  I also wanted her to use some sort of manipulative.  I was appealing to more than one learning style, hoping it would stick.  You want to know why?  It's a secret.  I'm a little OCD about spelling.  So, more than learning what a plural noun is, I wanted her to remember the spelling rules.  Because SPELLING RULES!  

I wrote examples of each type of word on post it notes and turned them upside down on the table.  We also used Scrabble tiles as our manipulatives, a chart that I created, and star stickers to mark the word endings that required multiple steps to create plurals.  

We completed the chart using the following steps:

1.  Choose a post-it note, write the word in the correct place on the chart.
2.  Create the word using Scrabble tiles.
3.  Using a white board and trial & error, try to recognize the correct ending for the plural form.

4.  Write the formula for changing on the chart.
5.  Make changes to the original word to create a plural noun.

6.  Write the plural noun on the chart.

After completing the chart, we discussed why I used different colors on the chart, talked about how much easier it is to say "loaves" instead of "loafs" and why it makes sense to change the letters around. 

Click here to download the blank (updated) chart for personal use. (After clicking, scroll down below the advertisement to the grey "Download This File" button.)

Adding this screen shot of the final chart, so you can see it before you download it.

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