Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Rascal

Sunshine completed reading Rascal as part of her homeschooling assignments.  This is the first of several novels she will read in the coming months where animals represent a major theme.  Sunshine wants to be a vet, and has a unwavering compassion for all living things, so I knew she would be interested in these stories.  In addition to reading this book where animals are loved and cherished, she will read books that represent some of the negative themes that run rampant in animal stories.  I do not look forward to those readings.  :(

Back to now...the obvious major theme in Rascal is relationships between animals and humans, but there are several more to explore.  I wanted Sunshine to take time reflecting on the other major themes today, but I didn't want her to sit and write in her English notebook or fill in a worksheet.  Alternatively, I wasn't ready for a big project that could potentially span several days.  Instead, we made a foldable.  So simple, not much more that a plain worksheet, but for some reason it's much more fun.  Especially if you're a middle school student and most of your work is repetitive.

She folded the plain paper into 16ths, then cut slits in the paper to make flaps.  On each flap she wrote a  major theme.  Inside, she had 2 squares to write her reflections, an example or a quote from the story.  On the final section there was room for her to draw whatever she chose to illustrate the story.  I could tell she really enjoyed this, and it really took no more time than filling in a plain ol' worksheet.

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