Monday, April 23, 2012

Let's get golfing!

We were in the sporting goods section of my favorite chain retail store over the weekend when I spotted, across the aisle, these goodies.

Yep.  I bought a bag of golf tees.  My kids were confused.  I had to explain what they were.  We are not golfers (and I'm not complaining).  I jokingly told them that we were all going to take up this new sport, but my laughter gave me away.  They knew I had something else up my sleeve.  

We're looking for any type of activity that Punky can do that forces her to use her muscles to push and pull objects.  My original plan was to use a large piece of styrofoam (such as what would be used to pack a small appliance in a box for shipping, etc).  However, we don't have anything like that on hand. What we do have is this box...Punky's story box.  What she really loves to do is color on the box, then sit in it and let someone push her around the carpeted floors.  Today, this box gained a new purpose.  

First, Daddy and I punched some holes in the box so Punky could just slide the pegs golf tees in.  She liked that, but quickly took to punching her own holes in the box.  Many of hers don't quite make it all the way through, but she was having a great time!  Success!!

Punky's story box...full of golf tees!

Ready to make a new hole!

Punky insisted on getting this bucket in the dollar spot  of our favorite store.  Came in handy today!  

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