Saturday, March 24, 2012

Princess Bed!

About two months ago, our Punky learned how to throw her leg over the crib rail and climb out.  Impressive, and our first out-of-the-crib climber.  It was also scary.  I never knew exactly how she did it, but there was always a risk of falling and injury.  I also didn't have a safe place to put her anymore.  A wandering toddler!  Ack!!

We promptly removed the rail on her crib to make it a big-girl bed.  She wasn't impressed.  She said, "I want a big-girl bed like my sisters!"  With the help of her grandparents, we were able to get our pint-size toddler bed out of storage and to our home.  A quick trip to Home Depot to replace a few pieces of missing hardware, and Daddy was ready to assemble the bed.  She helped him with the assembly process and then helped me make the bed a bit more princessy.

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to save these items, pass them from one chid to the next, and know that all three of my sweet girls have had peaceful sleep in this little bitty bed.  Now...if we could just get Punky to STAY in bed ALL NIGHT LONG!!!  

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