Friday, March 30, 2012

Art Journal (1) - Making Sentences

Before Christmas, I noticed a post on my favorite teaching art blog about art journals.  I made sure Santa knew that I wanted two art journals (and I was painfully, brand specific) for the big girls.  Now that we've finally started journaling, I wish I had one for myself, too!  :)  Don't worry, I'm about to order it.  I have every intention of journaling as often as possible.

Today was our first, official, journal entry (inspiration).  The girls really enjoyed it, even though it was fairly simple.  I am borrowing these journal ideas from  Check it out!

First, Hubby and I scoured the newspaper for some kid-friendly articles.  Ack!  There's a big, bad world out there!!  ;)  We gave each girl a clipping from separate articles with simple directions:  highlight words to make a sentence...the words can't be next to each other and the sentence has to be coherent.  I gave them an example and then said, "But you can't use mine!"  haha!

I was really impressed with the outcome for both.  Sunshine loves to draw, Belle is coming around.  She constantly compares her drawings to her sister's, who happens to be 3.5+ years older.  We remind her that when Sunshine was her age, the drawings were quite similar.  Practice and patience...

Belle's -- age 8 (grade 2-ish)

Sunshine's -- age 11 (grade 6-ish)

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