Tuesday, January 10, 2012

There's a fine line...

It's been an introspective day.  I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about something going on in my personal life and how to deal with it.  I am an adult, I cannot hide from conflict, but I'd rather just ignore it until it's buried.  It's been a month since this situation reared its ugly head (again).

My inner self is in turmoil.  I have to figure out the balance, where is the fine line?  And when is it okay to cross?  When is it okay to speak the truth, even knowing that the truth will really hurt someone?  Is it okay if you know it will be better for your family?  Is it okay even though someone will be hurt, relationships will certainly suffer, in the process?  Is it okay if it will take a long time, maybe forever, for these relationships to heal?

Oh, and I did publish a post earlier today and then accidentally deleted it.  Maybe it was karma, but it was one of my favorite posts.  It was so true to me and how I feel, not worried about being funny or too serious, just all me.  I am so bummed that I messed it up by trying to add a title.  I guess I will try to recreate it at a later date, when I'm not so peeved with myself.  Maybe.

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