Sunday, January 15, 2012

Punky's First Haircut

I have been thinking for a while that Punky needed a haircut. It was really wispy at the bottom. I knew that if we got it evened up it would look healthier. It was just a matter of me being ready to accept that she was old enough to need one.

Belle didn't get her first official haircut until she was 3.5. I guess I was hoping to delay this time, too. Belle's hair was full of curl at that age, though. It didn't look quite like a mullet, like Punky's. ;)

We decided to go to the kid salon so Punky could sit in a cool car and watch a movie. That is probably the only way we made this happen. She watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She LOVES Mickey & friends. I honestly don't think she cared what they did, as long as she could see the t.v. The stylist cut a very minimal amount of hair but it really does make a difference!

Before & After:

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Nina said...

Love you post! The photos are great and those last two are just gorgeous!!