Sunday, December 11, 2011

O, Christmas Tree!

This year I tried, and failed, to convince my hubby that we needed a real Christmas tree.

He argued that they stink, they make a mess (sap and needles) and they are a fire hazard.  Oh, and the unnecessary expense considering we already have an artificial tree in the garage.

I argued that our tree is 11 years old, we've gotten our money's worth, it's flat, drops its own plastic needles, and leans to the side (even though we tie it to the wall every year).

He won...mostly because of the "fire hazard" argument, and my extreme aversion to anything that can be listed as such.

He and the girls fluffed our tree and assembled it, then he strung the lights.  Those are my two least favorite Christmas tasks, so maybe he was trying to make peace.  I was still sad.  I may have called it a Whoville tree.  I may have suggested it take a trip thru the dryer on "fluff".  I may have been grumpy and reluctant to even decorate.  All of that changed as soon as I started unwrapping ornaments and setting them in piles for the girls to hang on the tree.  They each have their own set (gifts from Godparents, anything they've made in school or scouts, etc).  As they add each to the tree, they giggle, ooh & ahhh, and warm my heart.  Every single ornament on our tree has a story.  This year, after Christmas, my goal is to sit down and write where the ornaments came from.  Many are from my childhood (also gifts from my Godmother, craft projects from school & scouts, etc).  We do have a few from my husband's childhood (and I hope to get more someday).  Several more are gifts I've received from students, friends or at ornament exchanges.  And I remember so much about where they came from...details I don't want to forget.

Scotchie watching the decorating action.

We rotate each year so the girls can take turns putting the top piece or the star on the tree.  Now that we have 3 kids, we'll have them help each other.  :)  Sunshine & Belle (with Daddy's boost) are putting the top piece on the tree.

We can't put real candy canes on our tree this year because Punky won't leave them alone.  She puts EVERY.SINGLE.CANE into her mouth, real or fake.  Even these.  But at least these aren't sticky.  ;)  The girls decorated paper with crayons, markers, and dotters.  Then we rolled them around pencils and curled the ends down to look like canes.  They are so easy and so cute!

Hanging paper canes on the trees:

Punky placing the star on the tree.

An ornament I made with Sunshine when she was 2.5 years old.  Our first family Christmas, our first Christmas away from family and our hometown.  One of my favorites.

One of my students gave this to me in 2001.  It's another favorite.  This year, Belle begged to hang it on the tree.

Adoption ornament, dated 2003, the year our family was granted "forever" by the state of Texas.

A cluster of princess ornaments, placed strategically at toddler level by my sweet Punky.

Belle's first ornament from her Godparents.

Belle's ornament, made in preschool at age 2.5.

Scotchie's (v1) paw print, given to us by the vet after we had to say bye to her 4 years ago.

These were on Hubby's tree every year as a kid.

Belle and I made this paper chain garland to fill in the blank spots (haha...blank spots...haha!)

My mom gave this to us the year we bought our first home.

My kindergarten ornament.

Punky's first Christmas ornament from her Godparents.

I made this with my mom when I was four years old.

My mom gave us this ornament when we were expecting Belle...this is the episode from I Love Lucy where she is expecting Little Ricky.

The tree in all its glory!

And a pic of the glowing tree without the overhead lights.  My favorite.  I could sit in the dark and stare at it all night!


Dylan said...

It was a good night. It was cool to see Eryn get excited about the decorating. This her first Christmas being fully aware of what Christmas actually is to her (presents and Santa!) and its great that she is so excited.

Charlotte said...

Aw, Nikki - I loved the peek into your memories that adorn your tree. I can so relate over the tree itself issue, except I am no help bc we have the real tree every.single.year. I didn't know it was part of our marriage vows, but it seems to be. How I would love an artificial, pre-lit tree; how I get grumpy over the mess, about it being misshapen. Your post gave me perspective, and I, too, am enjoying sitting here in the room with all it's twinkle-y-ness and the afterglow of fun times with excited kids. :)