Friday, December 16, 2011

Coffee, please!

Several months ago we ditched our traditional coffee maker and purchased a Keurig.  I cleaned out the cupboard that housed the coffeemaker and found a HUGE supply of coffee filters.  I didn't get rid of them, I knew there were many crafts to create with those filters.

One of our favorites is the tie-dye coffee filters.  We have made Valentine's hearts using shades of red and purple, Easter eggs using pastel markers, and countless other shapes and creations.

Today, I was looking for something to decorate the section of the fireplace that would normally be covered by stockings.  We have adorable stockings and adorable stocking hangers, but we don't match them together until we go to bed on Christmas eve.  (A couple years back, my nephew pulled his stocking down to look at it and the metal hanger fell, clonked him on the forehead, and landed him at the ER meeting up with a plastic surgeon.  We're hoping to avoid a copycat situation.)

I'm accustomed to seeing decor flanking the entire fireplace, mantle and hearth.  That's the way I roll.  It feels cozy and exudes Christmas cheer.  I called my crafty elves to the kitchen, handed them red and green inking tools, coffee filters and a spray bottle.

And they created this...and we love it!

While they worked on these, I tested a similar project that we're saving for next month.  Can't wait!

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