Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Christmas is a time for giving..."

I had craft time with the big girls today, so it was only fair that I do something fun with Punky.  One of the preschool blogs I follow via Facebook (and I can't remember which right at the moment) posted this idea last week.  The teacher actually wrapped baking sheets with festive wrapping paper, then added bows to the bottoms of magnets.  The kids used the wrapped cookie sheets as magnet boards for the bows.  Since I am using my baking sheets this season I don't want to wrap any and set them out of commission.  I knew that Punky would enjoy playing with new magnets on the fridge.  She is really into labeling colors and counting objects, and this is a perfect new toy to practice these concepts!

She helped me make these, sticking the magnets on each one and then carrying them to the fridge.  After she put them all on, she had to pull them back off again....then back on...  Well, you can see where this is going.  As she placed them she and her daddy talked about what color she was putting on.  And then, in her precious 2 year old voice, she said, "Christmas is the time for giving..."  And I teared up.  

*Yes, that is my hubby in the background preparing dinner.  ;o)

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