Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm going on the Mayflower...

(While many of the school activities we complete as a whole family are primary age, Sunshine participates because several do provide the opportunity for introspection, and I truly appreciate her point of view and contributions to our discussion.)

After spending time reading our books from the library about Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to really make my kids think about being a pilgrim on the Mayflower.  We read and discussed what a pilgrim is, and what it might have been like to feel like you had to leave your home and extended family because you were no longer accepted in your current location.  We also discussed what a pilgrim may have packed in their trunk/suitcase for this voyage.  And then the girls set out to make their packing list.  I thought the activity was cute and fun.  They all enjoyed it!

Sunshine was very practical in her list making, sure to include things she treasures but also practical items.  Belle is, evidently, going to bring her flat screen t.v. and telephone...just like what I presume most pilgrims would pack.  ;)

Of course, Punky was most concerned with coloring the paper.  When the girls tried to help her make a packing list she thought that meant she was really going to put her kitty in a suitcase.  That was a little confusing and required some persuasion on our part...since the kitty did not want to be in the suitcase against her will.  :)

And here is the downloadable suitcase insert that reads, 
"I am going on the Mayflower, this is what I will bring:"

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