Saturday, November 12, 2011

11...and a half

The day before Halloween is Sunshine's 1/2 birthday. This year it's 11...and a half. Wow! Time sure has flown! Half birthdays at our house are pretty exciting. First, you get to choose the main meal (mom-made). This year Sunshine chose shrimp pasta and salad. This one is a family fave so nobody complained! Half birthdays are also celebrated with 1/2 of a cake. I happened to have an apple pie ready for the oven, so we baked that and then stuck six candles (because it's been six months since her bday) into 1/2 of the pie. All of the celebrating is topped off with one present...something Mom or Dad know you want and they know you *just can't* wait until your next birthday (or Christmas). For Sunshine, that was a new jacket that she fell in love with. She's our budding fashionista. ;)

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