Thursday, October 20, 2011

Welcome home, Butterscotch!

We have been talking about adding another cat to our zoo.  I knew it had to be *the* cat...that I had to know this cat would be friendly and tolerate the other members of the zoo (2 and 4-legged).

One afternoon, while Callie was at a Robotics meeting, I took the 2 younger girls to Petsmart.  I happened to know that a pet rescue organization would be there that day.  I told Belle that we would look at the cats, but that I wasn't making any promises.  Although, I had already told my hubby that I had a feeling about that day.

When we walked in, we saw her...her foster mom had named her Peja.  She and her brothers were found, in a plastic bag inside a dumpster, at 5 days old.  Her foster mom (who happened to be walking by the dumpster that day) heard their cry and rescued them.  She fed them, with an eye dropper, around the clock for 3 weeks.  Can you imagine?

Needless to say, her story amazed me.  She was found on June 6th...the anniversary of D-Day and also my hubby's birthday.  Those two things, being close to my heart, sealed the deal.  She is very affectionate, comfortable with everyone, and is a tortoise-shell (my fave).

As soon as we had her in the car, we began discussing name changes.  After a few days, we decided that she needed to be named after our tortoise-shell that I adopted during college.  She was our family pet at the beginning of our marriage and when the big girls were tiny.  Her name was Butterscotch, because she looked like she'd been splashing in a puddle of the confection.

Welcome home, Butterscotch!  ...a.k.a. Scotchie Lotchie ;)

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