Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pappy's birthday

September 16th was Grandpa's birthday.  It was a pretty emotional day.  We were busy with co-op, but made time that evening to drive to the lake and send him balloon messages.

For most of my childhood, Grandpa and Grandma lived at a lake in Indiana.  Most of my memories at their house revolve around fishing trips, so it seemed only fitting that we spend our time remembering him at the lake.

The lake we chose is close to our home, but because of the severe drought it was difficult to gain access.  The majority of the parks are closed because the water level is so low.  We ended up driving for about 30 minutes, trying several parks, before we decided to park outside the gates of one and release our balloons.  The girls wrote messages to Pappy (the name his great grandkids used) and we sang "Happy Birthday" before releasing them.  At that moment it started pouring rain.  How timely.  If I could have called him, I would we could talk about the weather.

I miss you,'re lookin' good!  

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