Thursday, October 20, 2011

Is it pay day yet?

We are working hard to teach our kids the value of a dollar.  And working hard to teach them that hard work pays off.  Each Fall, we reassess their chore charts, rearrange and reassign chores, and set a new allowance.  Pay day is Friday, and you have to do your work to get paid.

Instead of the same dry erase (laminated) sheets we make every year, I decided that this year we would make something I found in Family Fun magazine.

The girls enjoyed the process, we were all involved (including Dad).  We made a chart for Punky, too.  She is supposed to tidy her toys, make her bed and play with the animals each day.  She's not a fan of the first two, but does a lot of torturing playing with the animals.  :)

We're still working on actually using the charts.  It's not always easy to remember to move the sliders over.  We have a slider for each day of the week, but a few chores only require completion a couple days each week.  I let the girls choose scrapbook paper, which is kind of busy and makes it hard to read the charts, but they're fun!

Sunshine and Belle working on their charts:

The final products.  Punky has colored hers with crayon and 
pulled it down so many times that it now sits atop the others.  :)

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