Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another completed Pinterest project!!

Several weeks ago, I published a teaser post with some craft supplies.  Pretty soon after, I showed some of the fun dice I made for use in math games.  After that, things got busy and it took a while before I could complete the next project, which was a little more involved.  

One of our sweet friends had a birthday, she turned TWO!  She has four older siblings, so she inherits a lot of fun toys.  I saw this project on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make it for Punky, and thought our friend *S* would enjoy it, too!  The original inspiration for an "on the go" coloring tray came from Joy's Hope.  Then, I decided that by leaving the paper off the top of the tray, it would be a great magnet board for use with these magnetic quilting pieces.  

I set off in search of supplies to make my own.  I made two sets of magnets, and that worked well.  Punky enjoys playing with hers, and every once in a while I have to add more mod podge to re-glue the material onto the magnets.  I started with rectangular baking sheets for the tray, and attempted to spray paint them a nice almond color.  However, I could only find non-stick trays, which evidently don't hold spray paint.  I didn't want to give a toddler gift with a "don't eat the paint chips" disclaimer, so I opted for an unfinished tray.  The pizza pan/disc just looked fun.  :)  

The quilt pieces on the pizza pan.

I also added an icing container with magnets on the bottom, 
which holds triangular crayons—ideal for toddlers, plus they don't roll!)

The complete gift...hopefully will provide plenty of peaceful entertainment!

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