Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun dice!

I found these great ideas for math games on Pinterest (notice a theme lately?). I just had to make them, and I knew it would be a quick project. We're already having fun with them!

Googly Eye Dice (use in place of regular dice in any game)
Paint wood cubes any color. I was going to use white but forgot that I lent out my paint, so my options were limited. Then, using E6000 glue, adhere the appropriate number of googly eyes to each side. I ran out of the same size so I started using various sizes, which actually made it fun. For example, on one die the "1" is a huge googly eye.

Telling Time Dice (Have kiddo roll dice, then practice writing the time digitally, or have them use movable hand clock to show that time. I have a clock face stamp, and Belle likes to use the stamp and then draw the corresponding time on the clock. Anything to make clock reading fun!)
Paint wood cubes preferred color. Use scrapbook stickers (or any stickers) to label clock times on each face of the dice. You could also cut paper and adhere it to each face, or simply use a marker. I also used Mod Podge over the entire die.

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