Thursday, September 08, 2011

Science Investigations!

This year, I was able to find a science book for Belle at Half-Price Books. It is a Texas textbook that's just a few years old. It is on her grade level and full of great information and FUN science investigations (with each lesson). We are doing as many as possible, and her science notebook is quickly filling up!

Last week we ended up doing two investigations in one day. We love to stay busy! Currently, we are studying plants and their needs, and also classification. Our first investigation required that we take a nature walk around our yard and collect various types of leaves and then find different ways of classifying them.

The second investigation that day required a quick field trip to the local nursery. There, we picked up two small flowering plants. When we got home, we labeled them "water" and "no water" and placed them in a sunny window. We have learned that some plants need more water than others, so we're using these to see how long it will take for the plant that's not getting water to change. After almost a week, the "no water" plant is starting to look a tad droopy. I'll be sure to get more pics so we can update you, but right now the difference are very difficult to detect. ;)

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