Thursday, September 01, 2011


Have you ever read those "If you give a ____ a ____..." books? If you give a mouse a cookie, moose a muffin, etc? We had a similar experience this week during a science lesson. We were reading about seeds and germination, and there was a picture of a few popped popcorn kernels. Can you see where I'm going?

If you read a science lesson about seeds, that says the piece of the popcorn that gets stuck in your teeth is actually the seed coat, then you might want to investigate a popcorn kernel. If you're looking at a bag of kernels you might wonder how exactly that kernel turns into a popped piece of popcorn. You might need to get some coconut oil and put it in a hot pot, along with a few kernels. Then you need to move the pot over the heat and listen for it...pop........pop.....pop....pop...pop pop pop pop POP POP POP POP! You might remember that you're science book talked about seed coats, and you might decide to eat some of the popped corn to see if any gets stuck in your teeth.................................. (You also might give some to your sister, who happens to be watching an educational movie. Movie watching requires popcorn.)

Science is hard work! :)

Watching educational movies in your pajamas might be a sign of homeschooling. Maybe.

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