Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artists at work!

Oops...fell behind again! I'll try to do some catching up over the next few days. Maybe if I would just stop taking so many pictures...if we would just stop having so much fun! :)

Two Fridays ago, we attended our first art club, a new group that a member of SAIL started. The girls were very excited about this new opportunity. We were told the day before that we'd be learning about Michelangelo and fresco secco. Since I was curious about this process, myself, I decided to search on YouTube for some information about the process and the artist. The girls eagerly watched the video with us and could not wait until the next day!

They were delighted to find out that the process they were using that day was exactly what they'd learned about on the video. The club leader decided not to have the kids break the plaster and then glue it back because of time constraints and messiness in transport, so we finished that step at home. The girls are thrilled with their work. I am still looking for just the spot to display it, and we'll post a final pic later.

After the meeting, we headed to the park across the street for a quick playtime with our friends. Everyone was able to burn off a bit of energy and enjoy a beautiful day. We've earned this beautiful weather we're having after the heat of the summer, and the kids LOVE every moment we can spend at the park—especially with great friends!

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