Wednesday, August 31, 2011

'Twas the night before home school...

Our work table ... ready for eager students! (more pics below)

'Twas the night before home school...
...borrowed from another homeschooling blog,
edited to fit our family...

'Twas the night before homeschool's first day of the year;
All of the boxes of books had appeared,
Exciting the children so they hardly could sleep -
They would have gladly began school last week!

Dad is oblivious - he hasn't a clue
How many things I have yet left to do -
To make sure the day's special, the best I can do,
For a girl starting middle school and one in grade two.

There's the kitchen to straighten and table to clear,
Crayons and markers to be gathered near.
Paper and pencils and scissors and glue
Notebooks and binders to be brought out too.

Now the rest of the family are snug in their beds,
And me? I must be out of my head
For still sitting and blogging when clearly I know
The tasks that require me to get up and go.

Once they are done, only then may I sleep
Until two little children into my room creep -
Earlier than need be, I haven't a doubt,
Ready to get all of their new books out!

A few pics from "Meet the Materials" night. When Belle started homeschooling with us full-time (this is her 3rd year) she asked if we could have a "Meet the Teacher" night. I stifled a laugh and told her that we'd figure something out. We want the kids to feel like they're having a full experience, and the little things like that make them feel like they're missing out on something. That year, I started having a special time the day before we started school, where they could come into the classroom (which was usually off limits because I was working to get things ready) and check out their materials. I don't have everything we will use all year, but they can flip through new text books, novels/chapter books, see science materials, etc. You would not believe how exciting this is for these kids...and I LOVE It! It definitely sets the tone for the beginning of school, and their excitement is contagious!

We also set up a little play area for Punky in our breakfast nook in the kitchen (since our kitchen table is now in the family room/library/school room). The girls call it her learning spot. I got her a few new things (shape/color blocks, a puzzle, some sorting toys) and stuck them on the shelf. She was excited to check it all out, too! :)

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