Friday, February 20, 2009

Which is better? Boys or girls?

I think I have the best of both worlds. I have two absolutely wonderful, beautiful daughters.

And they are GIRLIE! They love to play dress-up, Barbies, baby dolls/house, pet shops, Polly Pocket, anything girlie. They love make up. They love playing hair salon. They love changing clothes and shopping for new ones. They love tea parties. They love artsy/crafty things. They love "girl stuff" in any form.

And they are both blessed with a tom-boy streak. They both love to climb trees. Play outside in the dirt/mud/sand. They hunt for bugs together. They collect snails. They are begging to make an earthworm farm. We have caught lizards and kept them as pets. We have rock collections. Leaf collections. Twig collections. They ride horses and go hiking. They are not afraid to get dirty and have fun. They fish. They love it. They play soccer. They get stinky.

I asked dh if he wants to "try for" a boy. He said, "Girls can do anything boys can do." Then my girls say, "And we do it better!" :wink:

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