Monday, October 06, 2008

Houdini's switchblades contained...

Houdini has been using my dining room chairs as claw sharpeners. Grrr!!! He has multiple objects purchase specifically for this task, but chooses my furniture instead. I have covered the chair tops with aluminum foil, per my mom's suggestion, to keep him from recovering them with his fur. Now to get him to stop shredding the sides (note, he has yet to hurt the chair, but I'm afraid its just a matter of time...).

Every inside cat I've ever had to this point (well, that includes one of my own and a couple of my mom's) has been declawed. Before we adopted Houdini from the SPCA, DH and I agreed that he would not be declawed. We also agreed that he would not be allowed to ruin furniture. So we bought Soft Paws claw covers. We got the Halloween pack (hey, we're all about having fun) and DH applied them, as the directions stated, last week. Uh, Houdini did NOT like them and made all but 2 disappear.

So, what do you think? At first he had every claw covered. Then they started coming off, with the help of Houdini and his masterful teeth. Then he had about 10 on. Then we started finding little orange claw covers around the house. Now he has one on his front right pinky claw, and one on his back left paw. How can we keep them on? The pack came with super glue. I just don't know what else to use. Suggestions? Ideas? Maybe we can staple some heavy duty socks onto his feet??

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried Cat No? I don't know it's actual name, but it's a safe spray that is found at places like Petsmart(normally in the dog section) and anywhere you spray it the cat won't want to go. We had a cat that loved the back of our sofa. Normally no big deal, but the back was all coushin and he was ruining it. So we used that. It worked wonders!!!!! We couldn't smell it and he hated it. He would go anywhere else in the living room but that sofa.

By the way, this is Kar (OFIH).