Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hobbies? What are those?

Okay, so really, my main hobby is blogging and reading others' blogs. I do that a lot. I like it, its fun, and I can read without having to remember a lot from day to day. I used to read books...fiction, non-fiction, biographies (a personal fave) and even how-to and self-help (ha!). But then I changed careers. And now I'm a mom (with bad eyes) and blog reading is more my speed. I know there are others out there who are just like me.

I'm also a twitterer, but I go in streaks (I'm on subconscious strike right now). But recently, I followed the lead of my older brother and his beautiful wife, and started "following" ForYourMarriage on Twitter. Every day, right to my phone, I get a tip on how to strengthen my marriage. And, let's face it, there's not a single married couple who doesn't need help now and again! And if your hubby travels like mine, well, sometimes we just get disconnected. I'm at home tending to the kids, he's off to ? flying ? around. We don't get to talk and see each other as often as we'd like. But we're using technology to our advantage. We're using it to reconnect.

Sunday night we had "Family Game Nite" for the first time in a while. And while only 3 of the 4 family members were actually in the house, the 4th attended via iSight. Yeah, we're nerds, but it was fun and we made a good memory. And, being the scrapbooker I am, I did take a picture of the girls with the computer between them. Yep, nerds!

Anyway, I digress. Back to hobbies and technology (which do tend to go hand in hand these days). A couple weeks back our marriage tip suggested that we discuss our hobbies. What are mine? What are his? Do we both view the others hobbies the same? So here's how we did it...I sent the following email to my hubby:
List your three favorite hobbies (sports, games, crafts, anything you do outside your job and parenting). What do you think your spouse's are? Did you guess correctly?

This evening at whatever time you designate, we can send each other an email. First list my 3 favorite hobbies, and then list your 3 favorite. We'll see if we're right. Just let me know what time you can do it. I'll set an alarm to send you the email.


The time: 9 p.m. We each sent the other an email. We were close, both pretty similar. But the email itself opened some discussion. I grew up watching sports with my dad. And playing sports. DH has never really been into watching sports live or on t.v. (*unless his girls are playing, in which case he is a devoted spectator!). Well, we agreed that we could do that together a little more often. And we also agreed that someday we *WILL* own a boat. And that even sooner than that, we need to find DH a fishing hole to frequent. We *NEED* to find time for our hobbies.

When DH gets home from a 6 day trip, I just need him to be here. For support on all levels. But we also need to make sure we have hobby time. We're working on it. :o)

So, are you curious? Do you want to know our hobbies? Here they are:

I said mine are: computer, scrapbooking, reading
He said mine are: Scrapbooking, Watching Sports (live or on TV), Socializing ... Girls night out type.

He said his are: Running, Computer, Cooking with you and relaxing at home.( I dont know if that qualifies as a hobby, but I like it)
I said his are: running, games on computer, reading, (fishing should be top, but hasn't been in ages)

What are your hobbies? Do you make time for them?

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