Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember when?

I could hardly sleep last night. I had back to school butterflies. My sweet girl is a 3rd grader! I couldn't be more proud. And over the past few days, I couldn't have felt more nostalgic.

It all started on our "date day" last Thursday. The plan was to get the last random school supplies and some new clothes. Maybe find a fun store or get a special treat. We started at Staples, looking for a certain color folder (the lists are so specific) and a backpack. The backpack. Last year it was Hannah Montana. The years before...My Little Pony and Barbie. This year, well, its a backpack. With blue and brown pattern. Its adorable, but without a character. Yep, she's growing up.

Remember her chubby cheeks? Her round fingers? Gone!

Remember the two weeks when she first came to us that she wouldn't let anybody hold her but me? Today she (barely) gave me a high 5 when I walked her to class.

Remember when she only said one word...that high-pitched, 2 syllable sound that resembled "toodie?" Everything she saw, she pointed and said, "Toodie?" Now she teaches me new things each day that she's read in the plethora of non-fiction books that line her shelves.

Remember when she learned to walk...and run...and pedal her trike...then a bike?

Now she's all grown up (well, sorta...) and I'm so nostalgic. And so wonderfully blessed!

Menu Planning Monday!

B: scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, milk
L: soup
D: chicken pot pie

B: oatmeal, milk
L: picnic at the park
D: pigs in a blanket, green beans, apples

B: smoothies
L: chicken roll-ups
D: chicken quesadillas, fruit

B: cereal, fruit, milk
L: sandwiches, chips, yogurt
D: grilled chicken and veggies, pasta salad

B: blueberry pancakes, milk
L: chicken nuggets, carrot sticks, oranges, milk
D: frozen pizza, salad

B: french toast, milk
L: english muffin pizzas
D: swiss chicken, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole

B: breakfast casserole
L: leftovers
D: steak, potatoes, salad

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Audra Krell said...

Great menu- very nice organization! Oh all the things you listed would make me so nostalgic too! Very sweet post.