Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The house got toilet papered...

Its fun to watch your kids learn things. I mean, I've been watching them learn since I became a mom. And I've always been amazed. Especially when you can see the wheels turning in their little heads. But they also learn things that we don't really think about as important, such as how to toilet paper a house.

The other morning as we pulled out of our driveway we realized our neighbor's house down the street had been papered. The girls don't remember seeing anything like this before and were full of questions. Who did it? How did they get it to stay? Why did they do it? How do they clean it up? Etc etc etc... It was quite entertaining!

Right now they're playing with their Littlest Pet Shop toys...and the LPS house got toilet papered...I looked in there and they have taken a square of TP and shredded it to size, and wrapped the LPS house.

Their little pets also have a maid and a cook. Must be nice!

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