Saturday, July 19, 2008

Church Seasons

Every weekend when I go into church I am in awe of the beauty of the building. We have a relatively new building and it is bright and beautiful. I love looking at the stained glass...each weekend I see it differently depending on how the light shines thru that day. The choir sings beautifully and I kind of lose myself for an hour (give or take). Today was a great day at church. I hate to say it, but mainly b/c my kiddos weren't with me. I love them, and they are typically well behaved, but its just different when you can be there and really get into it. And today I did.

But not only the message, but really taking in the atmosphere, the feeling. I feel spiritually uplifted when I leave church. Today I lost myself in the singing (though the hymns were kinda slooow and didn't impact me...I love the rest of the mass with the choir). I lost myself in the scripture readings and I lost myself in the homily. I truly enjoyed it, and felt very moved by the words I meditated on.

I also love watching the seasons change according to the church calendar. The inside of the church looks different when the altar dressings change. The colors are so vibrant against the light stone, but they always match patches of the stained glass. It seems like every week in church I find something new that I love about the building.

And one thing, that I think is very important, that I learned from Fr. Antony today: "The weed goes with the seed."

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