Monday, July 07, 2014

Back to School, 2014!

Today was the first day of school at JET Academy, and our students were very excited!  We started our school year with our traditional "Meet the Teacher" last night.  My goofy kids feigned surprise when they were introduced to their new teacher: ME!

Then, they had the chance to look through their books and materials.  I don't hide stuff when it comes in the mail or when I purchase it locally, but they try to keep out of it so this night is an awesome surprise.  I love their excitement—it truly is contagious!

Then, Mr. Principal reminds them that he doesn't want to see them in his office this year.  Ha-ha!

We also enlisted the help of a local friend, who made us school spirit shirts.  Bonus points if you know what JET stands for (it's more than just an airplane reference).  

And everybody tries to fall asleep...and can't...and is so excited about the next morning!  Assignment sheets are set out and supplies are organized.  We're ready for 9th grade, 5th grade, and Pre-K (part time...Punky will still go to part-time preschool in the fall).

The next morning, everyone is bright-eyed and ready to learn.  Except Belle, who spends the first 3 hours of her school day at the gym.  It actually worked out well because I could focus the morning on Sunshine's freshman in high school.    When Belle came home she was ready for learning and fun.  The girls are especially excited that Daddio is their science teacher this year!

We're still working on Latin together, although Sunshine will move on to a higher level (faster moving) curriculum soon.  (Punky is a master at her numbers, and was surprising us all day with her proficiency!)  And, of course, the obligatory "First Day of School Class Photo" is included, too.  (I think the spirit shirts were a hit, since Sunshine and Belle chose to wear them for their first day of school!)

We're off to a great start at JET Academy!


Dylan said...

It was a good day! Thank you for working so hard for our kids, they are lucky.

Young Mama said...

I just looove this post. Your family is so sweet and special. What happy memories your girls will have of these traditions. :)