Thursday, February 06, 2014


Post by Sunshine

I recently completed an activity to learn more about the digestive tract.  First, I made labels that said the name of the organ, its length, and how long it takes food to pass through.  Then, I laid a measuring tape on the ground in a straight line about 23 feet long.  Last, I stuck the labels where each organ ended and the next one began.  I observed the tape to see how long the entire digestive tract is and how long it takes food to complete the entire process.

I learned that the digestive tract is very long and that digestion takes several days to complete.  Even though some organs of the digestive system are longer and shorter than others, the food stays in certain organs for longer amounts of time depending on the organ's job.  I also learned that the small intestine is longer than the large intestine.  The large intestine gets its name because of its larger width.

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