Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whirligig Beetle

Belle's Brownie troop is working on the Bugs! badge and part of their homework was to research a bug and create a poster about their bug.  Belle used her bug dictionary to choose the whirligig beetle, and we found and bookmarked some websites that were age-appropriate and had plenty of information.  Belle took notes from the web and made a rough draft of her poster, then created her final product.  We used some public images from the internet to add interest, and poof!  We had a poster!

Then, we went to the park with friends this week to soak up the gorgeous weather.  The original intention was to catch minnows in their bucket, but wouldn't you know, those crazy kids found some whirligig beetles instead!  (Check out video of the beetle below the poster.  Please excuse typos...eight year olds get excited and forget to care about misspelling words when they're in the midst of a big project!)

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